Agile Development is an iterative approach to software development that focuses on releasing working software early and responding to change.

The Only Agile Meetings You Need

Some places “do agile” because it’s the cool trendy thing that tech companies do nowadays. Their teams are usually mandated to do Scrum, which they take to mean two-week cycles with 2-3 hours of stand-up meetings, maybe 4 hours of refinement, 1-2 hours retro, another hour of sprint planning, another to demo, another higher-level roadmap meeting. That’s 10 hours of meetings even before you include all the ones you “took offline”.

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Well-Crafted Software

Great engineers truly care about what it is they’re building. Not just the end result, making a customer happy and getting paid. They enjoy the engineering process, they love the tools they use, and they get a kick out of the job itself.

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