Events are notifications of things that have happened. They are fundamental in event-driven systems where services communicate by publishing events when their state changes.

Transactional Outbox Pattern

The Transactional Outbox Pattern ensures a message is always published to a message broker when making changes to a database, even if the message broker fails initially. This is essential for event-driven architecture to ensure consistency when other services are rebuilding state from your events.

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Event Sourcing

We explain the pros and cons of Event Sourcing compared to traditionally updating the current state in a database. We cover trade-offs with Eventual Consistency, problems with concurrency, and options to solve those with optimistic concurrency techniques.

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Domain Events vs Integration Events

There are different kinds of events found in event-driven systems. They often represent the same thing that has happened, but serve different purposes and have different advantages. Here I’d like to outline the differences between a few terms.

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